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"Let’s Go Cook Italian" Tuscan Package Includes:

Excursions beginning at US $3,050.00 per student guest

Dinners at the Villa and airfares are NOT included.
Extended stays available at an additional fee.

Optional Experiences:

Each experience priced separately.

Let's Go Cook Italian


"Most of us have a vision of what we think Tuscany is like, but to actually spend a week at a centuries old villa in the Tuscan countryside learning to cook using the fruits, vegetables, wine and olive oils indigenous to the region....that is truly Tuscany. The Lets Go Cook Italian adventure is an experience of a lifetime. you will not be disappointed. This is a holiday that cannot be compared to any vacation you have ever taken before".
Carol R. ~ Cincinnati, Ohio

"Perfection. From the reservation process to the moment I left the villa, nothing less than perfect...and coming from someone who is working in the travel industry I have high expectations. Diane made my first cooking trip experience a hard one to replicate. Chef Jerry is warm, gregarious, generous and knowledgeable. I have looked at many other touring companies and none came close. This guy is planning on booking my next trip in 2009. Can't wait. Thanks Diane! ".
Evan D. ~ San Francisco, CA

"After initially being a little intimidated by knowing that almost everyone in the group had been to Italy previously and everyone was a great cook to start with, I found myself having an absolute blast! Italians are warm, happy people willing to share their knowledge and Diane is just the best by making all the learning experience double the fun. i would certainly do this again! ".
Margaret R. ~ Pebble Beach, CA

"I had never sliced an onion before and now I am hosting parties. Being able to find the ingredients i needed here in Sydney makes me a popular chef with my mates. If I was able to learn to make saltimbocca from Chef Luca in Rome, then anyone can enjoy this cookery experience. You will see me in Tuscany one day, Diane. Cheers! ".
Kurt K. ~ Sydney, Australia

"Let's Go Cook Italian is a great experience. You don’t have to be an expert cook to enjoy this trip. my typical recipe was 1-800-take-out. You are in great company. when you are through with cooking class and lunch, you get to explore Italy. Great sights, great food, great people. I have just signed up for my third trip".
Patricia G. ~ Novato, CA

"The classes were so much fun and we really did learn a lot, hands on is the only way to go. All the dishes we prepared were incredible. Chef Luca is an amazing man and artist. I have only one complaint...and that would be that the 4 mornings of cooking went by too quickly. This experience is on the top of my list of the best things I have ever done. It should not be missed."".
Suzie B. ~ American Canyon, CA

Let's Go Cook Italian



Wild Tuffles at Villa Campestri
Wild Tuffles at Villa Campestri